Free from society

by Dead End

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released October 11, 2014

Recorded at Estúdio Bay Area by Diego Henrique Rocha
Art: Camila Leão



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Dead End São Paulo, Brazil

Voz - Marília
Baixo - Camila
Guitarra - Zoio
Bateria - Thiago


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Track Name: Nation
You point all your mistakes on me
Including all that you could not live
You support all this sexism
Through the drugs that you take

If I could live my life twice, I would never leave my choice
Apart of all failure, a weakness of your personality
Compassion for your fellow, human liberation right now
Here we stay united and together as a drug free nation

Don't you ever think about women and children made as slaves?
By drug dealers, the police, and all the politics?
Legalization might be an illusion
Capitalism dictates what you sniff, what smoke and what you put in your veins
I stand apart of all this shit
Straight edge is my answer
My answer to this
Track Name: Keep This Flame Alive
Commitment that can't be broken till death apart us
Stay faithful ‘cause this won’t be a season of our lives 
You will never be alone because we are here
We will keep this flame alive, we will meet our goals
During all my life this will be my choice
Straight edge!
Track Name: Turn me Down
What we have done about?
Things I’ve learned are being ignored
Getting stale, burned to ashes
Maybe for you is just a song, but not for me
I kept inside all that's left to not break

You cannot take from me, you won't turn me down
When you gave up I moved on
Track Name: The Truth in You
Just think about yourself
Don't be affraid of no one else
Don't you play with people's minds
Vegan straight edge, realize...

If you don't know what to do

We don’t take one step back
We just move two steps forward
I have friends that got my back
Your falsity will last no longer

Just believe the truth in you
Track Name: Free From Society
Brave enough to take it, I’ll do what I want
We’re all the same, respect our individuality
We can live in peace, freedom has to come
We're fighting to realize we are free from society

We won’t let it go
We’ll face it ‘till the end
And it won’t end ‘till I say so
Screw that if you don’t agree

Free from society
Track Name: I Am Not Your Body
We used to be together as one
But one doesn’t mean you’re the owner
We are responsible for our actions
If you can’t let go, it’s not my problem
Our good times have ended
But we are free to start again
Be sure I am not your body
And now we’re not the same

We can find happiness appart from each other
Moving forward and making new friends
Good things happens after bad things have ended
This is a beginning, not a dead end!
Track Name: Digging Graves
I say this game have never been this shame
To resist consists, beyond changing the way we think

Our soul can’t grow while we keep this shallow
Infection in human brain
Society is digging graves with pain

We must to reply
If still many reasons why

The time is running out
Our world is suffering from a dangerous disease
Gotta overcome through solidarity
Communication and consciousness
Decolonize and destroy